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Campout at Lightfest

(For everyone else.)

Space Coast Lighfest

Stroll Through the Lights Scout Campout

When: Dec 3-5th 2021

Cost $10.00 for one night $15.00 for two nights per person.

Who: Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage, and Trail Life. (Scouts BSA: use a different registration)

What is provided:

Friday and Saturday Stroll.  We will be strolling on Friday this year as well.  We know that not all of you will be able to set up before 5pm on Friday so we are working with the park to have the back gate open for you to use on Friday night only.

The Youth Area at Wickham Park for Friday night, Saturday all day and night and Sunday.  Bathrooms, access to the serving area, access to the fire pit.  Saturday during the day we will offer Archery and Bb’s for an additional $2.00 per person who wants to shoot. 


All youth must attend with an adult either a parent or unit leader. 

No smoking or alcohol in the youth area.

NO DRIVING will be allowed at all from 5 pm until 10:30 pm Friday and Saturday night. THIS RULE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED, due to the number of customers in the park walking.  It is very important that you understand there is no driving in the park at night from 5pm until 10:30pm.

Campsites are not assigned, you will pick out your site first come first served. No cars will be allowed to park in the youth area you must park in the parking lot outside the gate. 

Campfires are only permitted in the fire pit located in the center of the youth area, and must be monitored by an adult.

Each unit is expected to inform their families of these rules and to follow the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection.  Girl Scouts are expected to follow their Safety Wise rules as well.

For questions contact Sally at 321-720-4109 or

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